I was approached by the Missouri State Art and Design Department to create the visual identity for an art gallery located on campus. The Cabot Gallery for Education Through Art features work from international, national, and local artists, art teachers and students as young as middle school. 
My goal was to create an effective and playful identity for Cabot that reflected the idea that artists of all ages (especially youth) come together in this space to exhibit their work.
My concept began as a fractured letter ‘C’. I wanted to represent Cabot through geometric shapes that could be moved around and altered for other uses such as patterns and secondary marks. 
Squares reflect the imagery of art hanging in the gallery, and the mismatched ‘C’ pieces symbolize the vast spectrum of artists and art that come together in Cabot.
Along with Cabot's visual identity, I also contributed to re-designing the environment of the gallery. Through collaboration with University faculty, we chose to give the gallery a fresh coat of white paint, as well as a colored horizontal stripe on the walls. The stripe will act as a guide for viewers, starting at the beginning of the gallery and carrying through the space. With each turn, the stripe will change color (staying within new brand colors). 
In order to elevate the space even more, the columns that appear throughout the gallery will have gray horizontal stripes painted. This will provide more visual interest for those viewing the gallery, and it will separate the space from the rest of the building. 
Cabot Gallery before changes
environment plan including branded acrylic wall plaques
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